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Mysterious Spheres falling from the Sky in Peru

Strange spherical objects falling from the skies and this time three “space balls” crashed down in Larancahuani in the region of Puno, Peru on January 27, 2018.These kind of mysterious objects have also been reported from Spain, Turkey, Australia, Br...

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Mysterious Plane looking for Underwater UFO base?

It is said that an alien structure has been discovered about 2,000 feet underwater in a particular area between the west coast of the US and Santa Catalina Island.According to reports there is a so much unusual underwater UFO activity in that area th...

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Japan’s Jaw-Dropping Epsilon-3 Rocket Launch

Japan’s Epsilon-3 rocket launched from the Uchinoura Space Center in the southern prefecture of Kagoshima lit up the sky in a dazzling display.Japan's space agency has successfully launched its Epsilon-3 small rocket on January 18, 2018 carrying an E...