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Earth Sized Anomaly Passes Our Sun

A giant object passing the Sun has been spotted by Streetcap1 in one of NASA’s satellites photographs on May 22, 2018.There is no visible Coronal Mass Ejection causing this anomaly, but it appears in line of sight on the latest Sun photograph.Theory:...

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What Happened In Deep Space?

Streetcap1 has recorded a strange and unusual astral phenomenon that showed up on the Stereo Ahead satellite.The footage shows a normal picture of the solar system when suddenly ‘something’ completely disturbed the images resulting in a picture of a...

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Was Something Fired From Earth Into Space?

Did two UFOs just leave the earth or was something fired from earth into space. Conspiracy Depot spotted the two anomalies on the ISS live feed on May 13, 2018.He noticed each anomaly as he was reviewing the footage in slow motion as they must be mov...