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Black Knight-Like Spacecraft Passing The Moon

The following image has been captured by a photographer from Cornwall Ontario, Canada and shows a remarkable unidentified flying object that passes the moon. An object that looks like a black knight craft.The photographer says that he has never witne...

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What are Nightcrawlers and do they really exist?

According to Native American folklore, these creatures, strange upright standing thin creatures with no arms, have existed for hundreds of years and have lived along-side humans peacefully.Despite there is very little evidence to prove that these so-...

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Footage of Bright UFO Leaving the Moon

On January 1, 2018, Matt Beland was working all day and finally he went on his break to smoke. Stared to take a picture of the moon he saw something was going on so he flipped the video on and started to record.After viewing the video it looks like a...