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Strange lights hover over a yard in Virginia

A security camera set up to watch deer has recorded a very strange flying object with bright lights hovering over a yard in Virginia on November 16, 2017.The owner of the cam stated that his ex wife was texting the video of the cam in her yard and sa...

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We Went To The Moon But We Had Help!

There are rumors that we went to the moon but we had help, besides it seems the landings filmed by Stanley Kubrick were staged to cover what they really encountered on the moon: reptilians, bases, buildings, machines for mineral exploration and much...

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Physical Evidence of Alien UFOs has been Found!

It has been documented so many times, in the past fifty years, that we are not alone. There have been many UFO cases where people have seen Unidentified Flying Objects from constructed machines to bright spheres actually land.When some of these sites...