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UFO Disk Flying over Hastings Victoria Australia

UFO disk flying in the sky over Hastings, Australia, the UFO follows a certain flight path and is clearly under intelligent control.Witness: on May 30, 2018 I dropped my mom to work that day and on my way home saw this strange object flying in the sk...

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2018 Crop Circle in Cerne Abbas, Dorset UK

This new crop circle is reported at Buckland Down, near Cerne Abbas, Dorset, UK on May 26, 2018.Analyze of the crop circle via Crop Circle Connector: Here we have a crop circle in star model (octagonal), which resembles a Compass Rosen related to the...

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Earth Sized Anomaly Passes Our Sun

A giant object passing the Sun has been spotted by Streetcap1 in one of NASA’s satellites photographs on May 22, 2018.There is no visible Coronal Mass Ejection causing this anomaly, but it appears in line of sight on the latest Sun photograph.Theory:...