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Japan’s Jaw-Dropping Epsilon-3 Rocket Launch

Japan’s Epsilon-3 rocket launched from the Uchinoura Space Center in the southern prefecture of Kagoshima lit up the sky in a dazzling display.Japan's space agency has successfully launched its Epsilon-3 small rocket on January 18, 2018 carrying an E...

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Black Knight-Like Spacecraft Passing The Moon

The following image has been captured by a photographer from Cornwall Ontario, Canada and shows a remarkable unidentified flying object that passes the moon. An object that looks like a black knight craft.The photographer says that he has never witne...

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What are Nightcrawlers and do they really exist?

According to Native American folklore, these creatures, strange upright standing thin creatures with no arms, have existed for hundreds of years and have lived along-side humans peacefully.Despite there is very little evidence to prove that these so-...